Don’t be a teacher only rather try to be an educator……


It has been more than 15 years in this profession which I rather say PASSION,Yes a passion for teaching. I have never thought of something else as I  considered it as my lifeline  till one day my son told me to write a blog.

Certainly it is great thing to share a good experience of one’s life and get some more from others in return.

Coming upto the expectations of your students and touching their lives is a greatest award that motivate you to climb up the ladder of success.

Today I wanna tell all my students that they are indispensable part of this education system which encourage  teachers to be not only a teacher but an educator who has ability to uplift the real talented hidden behind the walls of ignorance ,self doubts and insecurity.

“Dear Educators, Let’s hold the brush in your hand to remove the dust from the beautiful artifacts made by HIM to show their real face to the world ”

Let them feel and enjoy  this  enthralling, exciting, divine and beauteous life.