Let me live my  ordinary life as I can't take the  burden of extra Of an extra ordinary one.

The versatile blogger award

I  was alone as I started my journey , when did it became a caravan even I don't know. A big thanks to  Inspiredme  for nominating me for this award. Your words , thoughts  , quotes has  always inspired me in one way or other. It has   not only come  as a reward but also …

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Change is beautiful

He will be caught in his own creation He was not knowing one  fine day No space to move and  no air to breathe He  tries his hard and push  himself Into his Struggle to come out some day He knows it is very painful but he continues his efforts.. He  grapples ,tussles and struggles for …

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Let’s break the record…..

Let's fill the colours of happiness and joy on the canvass of our life Let's crack some jokes  so that our dear ones get a chance to smile Let's be funny and childish so that it brings our  childhood live Let's make  wonderful memories to cherish in our  future days Let's write something that brings smile …

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She was carrying nothing in her hand yet she carved a beautiful  pattern on my heart with  her magical smile, Who was knowing One day the heart with that beautiful  pattern will betray....!!!

Emotional Quotient:a friend or foe

  Everybody in this world want to be a successful person but there are few who taste it.What is the measure of success is hard to define.Usually we believe that a person who scores well in exams say 90% is intelligent  while a child who scores say 60%is tortured (sorry to say this word but …

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The Heebie – Jeebies

       Are You Nervous ...???? Via daily prompt: Nervous     

Second Chance 

"Good morning  , Sir " I looked at her face. Her flaunting eyes, wicked smile ,a beautiful black dress , a purse of Gucci and a solitaire ....these were few things I remember about her  when I  saw her today in my office. She was sitting with others to give interview for the post of  …

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