Failure-a part of success

Don't make  excuses for your failures Accept them proudly as Failures are for those who try Not for those who sit and wait for something to happen in life So get up and try Success is waiting for you through the hard realisation of failures !!!


I thought to write a poem for you but I stopped I thought to write a thank you post but I stopped I thought to make a beautiful  card but I stopped What to write? How to write? Is this perfect? I was asking to myself As I wanted to make you know that.. You are …


Unpredictable moments of life

It was a special day for me as I was going to celebrate my 21st birthday. I  was happy with all the arrangements. Suddenly I saw a paper kept under the beautifully decorated box with the shinning  ribbon flowers. "It must be a gift from my mom"I  thought . My eyes sparkled with happiness and …

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What a word !!!

Yesterday I came across a post written by my fellow blogger Sara who always introduces new words through her blog posts.This time I could not control my curiosity to know more about this strange and funny word introduced by her-Smellfungus. I  will be happy to share the story  of this word with you .Here goes …

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Hello .... I have heard that you have many friends...but there is someone special  Who is always sweet with you Who gives you a  great importance  Who  always agrees with you  Who always understands your emotions  Who always have emotional talks with you Who  always appreciates and praises you Who is always with you in …

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