Chasing a dream

It is really difficult to go against the wind but she did what was not acceptable in her family. She continued singing after her graduation too. Then came a turn in her life .She met him in one of the concerts. He was not very smart but he had something which brought her closer to …

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And the journey….is on twitter

Hi friends  Its because of your love and inspiration And the journey continues is on twitter now to spread the positivity in this world!!! Take a look at journey continues.. (@msarora23): Follow,like,tweet, whatever you like 😉😉😉😉 💖💖💖💖               ENJOY YOUR.             SUNDAY


This happens to most of us😉😉😉

Sauce Box

Quick piece here on another one of the unsolved mysteries of life: Missing socks.

Socks are something that I personally am very horrible at. My socks are either dirty, have holes in them, or have twirledoff to the alternate dimension where all my socks eventually end up.

I will buy a brand new pack of socks and place them into my drawer, where they usually stay put for a day or two, three ifI’m lucky.I get to enjoy the wonderful feeling of fresh cloth under my feet for just that short period of time. Then,when Igo to grab my third or fourth pair, I realize there are only a fewsocks in my drawer.

Didn’t I buy the twenty pack?

I sift around and realize the socks I’m grabbing are old.

It cant be?

I find a pair that look new. Breathing a sigh of relief, I sit down and start…

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Why Pink ????

The moment I looked upon this word what comes in my mind....a soft,beautiful ,delicate creation of God!!! A  feeling of calmness ,soothness and to be patient. But I wonder too!! Why is this colour is considered to be feminine???  I think Pink is strong , know how to fight with life better than others. Pink …

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Sweet little monsters….

Hey friends Don't be scared of these sweet little monsters sitting on the back seat of my car.They are not a danger  for your survival. They are simply strolling around the city to make their presence count.... They can only be a dangerous  if  you are hiding the ice cream somewhere in the refrigerator🍨🍨🍦 Or …

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