Accept the challenge


Tangled in emotions

When thoughts overpowered

Sinking deep into the ocean

Was unable to get oxygen

Breathing became difficult

Tried harder and harder

Struggling against the waves

Still going up and down

Didn’t let my will power down

Keeping a ray of hope alive

I saw a bright light

Originating deep from inside

I started to follow

Motivated with positivity

Not ready to surrender

Suddenly a touch was felt

The warmth was flowing

And the body was feeling light

Wind was blowing

And I was floating

Could see this mortal world

I came out as a winner

Against the odes of sea

Life is challenging

Accept the challenge

Create the opportunities

For your survival

The world is busy

Find the reasons

To love yourself…

Create happy moments today

To cherish in future….

Via Daily prompt: create


Author: msarora

It's bit difficult to describe. All I can say is ,hmmm, a woman trying to capture few moments of life with the help of words binding together in a form of story, poem or just as feelings.

9 thoughts on “Accept the challenge”

  1. How ? If the person is really in a worst situation, he should not lose heart. Let your mind be positive, accept the challenge and come out with flying colours..isn’t it?? What’s your opinion???


  2. Lovely poem, and a very inspirational one at that. There’ll be moments that are tough, but when we reach out it’s when we learn to stand up for ourselves and learn to be a better person – and learn to get ahead and go where we want to go.

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  3. Life always throws challenges at us. As it is said, life begins at the end of your comfort zone, so, we are bound to accept those challenges and fight against all odds. Still, it’s necessary to enjoy and live those moments to make life an endearing journey. Beautiful words, Aroraji, inspiring and positive…. πŸ™‚


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