Never let your love affected by success or failure

What a coincidence he got the success years later which she wanted for him few years back.....! He has no regret now because he has some one who can understand him better Rather than the one who misunderstood him few years back..! Via Daily prompt: coincidence 

My first attempt to write Haiku-Leaf

Bright green  after rain Looks beautiful full of life Nature inspires me 🌱🌱🌿🌿🌿☘☘☘🍀🍀🍀🌿🌿🌿🌱🌱 Any suggestions or comments about my first attempt on this kind of poetry???? Image source:Google Via Daily prompt: leaf

Friend-a six letter word or a promise???

  Sometimes I feel how the people pretend to be good friends but when it comes to extending a hand of help, they become so competitive and try to run away from situations. Suddenly they behave as If you are no one to them. They stand with you till their purpose is solved. Once they …

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Show Your Presence -Indian Blogger Awards2017

Last two days to like and write testimonial on the link mentioned below...... I am finding it difficult to put my thoughts in to words today. It is a big day for me as I have been nominated for Indian blogger awards 2017.I have never imagined myself to be here. To me, winning is not …

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Let’s be together Once again….

  Don't think about age Forget about wrinkles Let's recreate fun together Once again Recall that small classroom And bunking the lectures Let's go to canteen together Once again Though we are busy With our own priorities Let's live the life together Once again The moon is shining And the world is sleeping Let's go …

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Get connected with your innerself when you are in pain

To overcome any pain is not an easy task As no one knows exactly What your sufferings are It may be physical It may be emotional It toggles your life And you get boggled You scream , you screech But who will hear ???? You see the people Enjoying their life You get irritated and …

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Believe in yourself

These are the finite moments So I need not to worry I know I have wings Though they are tiny A day will come And I will fly Those who laugh And make fun of my weakness They will be jealous As They'll witness my success in future Via daily prompt: finite (Image source:Google)

Surprise for me on teacher’s day celebrations….!!!

This year's teacher's day celebrations started with a beautiful gesture of love and appreciation at a personal level in a form of compliment. I really didn't  anticipate this surprise. It made my day...!!!! An employee feels good when his/ her work is recognised by the the boss or any senior. That creates a bond between …

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