Say it to yourself-I will not stop

Say it to yourself  I will not stop No matter how much I am tired I know that I am few steps away Where the success resides  I know this is a last minute fight  And I need not to cry I am hurt and my legs are paining But the winners keep on trying  …

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Who am I ?

When I try to find my identity I get lost....!!! My mornings are busy Running from kitchen to door Tiffins to uniforms I forget my coffee on the table When somebody calls Evening is for kiddos Doing homework and projects Then I wait for him For the dinner I prepare Thinking about the Next day …

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Creative writing as a powerful educational tool for teachers

Every day is a challenge for a teacher. The moment you enter in the class, your students are always ready to blow you up with their queries and complaints. The situation get worse when you have prepared a lesson to teach them and they  are not in a mood to continue.  You can't bring them …

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Quote of the today – 2

Quote of the day -1

I would love to do the three-day quote challenge initiated by Rules for the challenge: • Thank the blogger who nominated you. • Publish 3 quotes on 3 consecutive days on your blog. It can be your own, or from a book, song, movie, or from anyone who inspires you. • Nominate 3 more …

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Superficials in real world

Superficial people Superficial smile Superficial life Living in superficial world... Can't face the reality of the real World And real life Sad on their part..!!! Be happy Via Daily prompt: superficial Photo credit: and the journey continues Visit the page,If you have a story that can inspire others!!  

Write to inspire – a small initiative

Hello friends.... It has been more than ten months since I am blogging and the learning experience I had during this short span of time is wonderful !!! I am not a professional blogger.I write whatever comes in my mind and my heart feels. While writing for my blog and reading others I have felt …

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Self love……!!!!

Find happiness.... Make yourself happy... Give time to yourself.... Do what makes you happy Don't look for happiness around Let your soul dance in the rain Let your heart feel pride on your gain Feel the love in the air Feel the blessings that showers upon you from the vast sky You are beautiful You …

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