Say hello to 2018💖💖

Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year . May you get lots of memories to cherish this year. And the journey continues....

Good bye Dear 2017…I will miss you😍

Year 2017 is ready to fly away as we have entered in the last week of this year. The count down has begun. My last week was quite busy and so is this week. I may not be able to post this week again as we have a family get together this week. So there …

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KYAARI- A Calender made with PLANTABLE paper by 21fools

Sometimes the fools can do wonders which the learned people can't do. Fools are not actually not fools rather they are the people who do whatever they want to do without thinking about the results. They are more concentrated on their work . They work day and night to give shape to their thoughts. Hence …

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A reply to a runaway bride

This is a reply to a beautiful  poem written by Yoly describing the feelings of a runaway bride.  A runaway bride,decided to fight Through the hardships of life Though she had no one to care She lived alone and did not share Collected her broken pieces of heart She made herself beautiful and smart She …

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Technology,We and Our Relationships

Unfortunately true...!!! Technology has connected us to those whom we don't know while created a distance between those who are a part of our life.

Don’t fall in the trap of emotions

Don't fall in the trap of emotions which are sometimes falsely created to make you emotional fool. Dig little more to find the reality.


Yes....this is one word ! It is a kind of phobia!!! And it means fear of long words...omg ! I am trying to pronounce it and trying to understand its meaning. I Hope no one struggle with such a phobia whose name itself give a phobia. Do you have name for your phobia. Check out …

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Christmas Smiles

Discarded, forgotten childhood Muddled in the midst of life They sprinkled some love Put an end to his strife Their hearts were filled with joy Though it wasn't in their plan With this small good deed Their Christmas celebrations began While searching the Google for pics, I came across a wonderful , compassionate - Operation …

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