Gravity of thoughts

A cavity in the gravity of our thoughts Can take you to an other world. You will reach at a point Where nothing would be visible Except a back hole Remember You are a part of this big universe Rejuvenate  The power of yourself Make yourself sun A big ball of fire Let yourself shine …

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Commander Quill Award

COMMANDER QUILL AWARD Quill Award is created to inspire reading while promoting literacy and patriotism A big thank to Silas for nominating me for this award. Indeed this award is a beautiful way to spread love , peace harmony and feeling of brotherhood among the bloggers. It is best time for me to write for …

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Attention Readers!

Attention Readers ! In the coming few days you are going witness a blast on my blog as I am going to bring some changes here . I am quite excited as in coming week I am going to celebrate my first blog anniversary. I am planning to introduce few new things FRIDAY FEATURE every …

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Rainbow of life

 Be the master of your Life !!!

I am talking to the wind

Slowly it passes around me Touching my cheeks I could feel a kind of satisfaction That someone is near by me I don't utter a word Still it listens to me Fills my heart with joy Taking away all my worries I could feel the love That it carries alongwith When it passed by those …

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E-mail followers :spam or real ?

Hi Guys ! Hope you are enjoying your first month of the year. Actually I had some confusion regarding my e-mail followers. I am shocked to see sudden increase in the number of new e- mail followers in the last few days. They are from I never had such follower earlier. There is post  …

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Life is all about you.

************************ ************************* Live every moment Ignite your passion Forget about worries Enjoy your present No matter what the situation is Come out as a winner Find out a reason to celebrate And order pizza in the dinner Life is all about you. So,Love yourself !!! Forget about the society Think of your family and friends …

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No complications,Dear life !


When the life is slow The mountains are full of snow Sun smiles not often Pic credit:Google

Dark Angelic eyes

Not a word was used In the conversation Yet they understood Because he made a reservation With her dark angelic eyes   (Via Daily prompt:reservation)