Have a date with my Coffee Love

  Life is full of ups and downs and we keep on looking around for positivity , inspiration , happiness and reasons to celebrate. We feel sad when no one is around to cheer us up. It's then you need to ignite your passion with the company of your favourite food and drink. Believe me …

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Why explanation?

Why should I ,every time, give explanation to others when they doesn't matter in my life ? They are not worth for it. Explanation is only for those who loves you and understand you.

Magical ways to do healthy shopping for your meals

  Picking up a bag and going to the market to buy grocery and  other products of daily needs is  a big task. The annoying part is when we come , we see a lot of things which were either not required or can't be used for any purpose. By the end of month, again …

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Hello and Welcome to the next edition of FRIDAY FEATURE  A fortnightly blogpost ! Time to introduce a new blogger ... I think  a new blogger,I must say a new blogger friend . The best of part of this post is that I get a chance to know many wonderful bloggers and feel proud to …

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He simplified his Valentine

He is the one about whom I dreamt With whom I feel intimacy. I relish his presence And I am blessed to Have him in my life. He is my first Valentine Now  I am not single I  have my soul mate Who is making feel awesome . I passed my last night Just thinking …

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How many roles are you playing ?

The roles you have played in your real life so far. How easy has it been to switch/transit from one role to another? How many more do you wish to play? The idea to write on this prompt on Indispire made me think little more deeper. As a human being on this stage of life …

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 Hello Guys ! Welcome to the new feature on my blog FRIDAY FEATURE A day to introduce  a new blogger and its blog to grow the community of bloggers. I opened this idea on Twitter yesterday and got a wonderful response. All those who nominated themselves have their own unique kind of blog. It was …