What is your love language?

Well, this week I was finding bit difficult to choose the topic for writing the blog post. Finally I came up with an idea to write about LOVE,something which everyone is looking for in this world. What is love ???? LOVE has always been the most difficult word to describe but yes, the best feeling …

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Friday feature #4

Hello Guys ! I  know you must  be eagerly waiting for the next FRIDAY FEATURE  - A time to know about a new blogger friend. First of all I must apologise for putting up the post bit late. The reason being , I am participating in a blogging contest which require lot of attention. This …

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Different Personalities around us in the society

Human beings are social animals,that, they can't survive without society. The society comprises people around us. Since morning till night, from Monday to Sunday, years after years we meet lot of people. The people around me and you are almost similar in many charactersitics or we can say that they have same kind of personality. …

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7 Tips for Super blogger Challenge 2019

It has been almost a year since I am blogging. I started blogging to share my experiences of life and what I observe in the society. The other reason was to express my imagination in the form of stories, poems or just as feeling. Slowly and steadily as I grew up as a blogger I …

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Love is lost somewhere

They were strangers Became friends Fell in love Time flew away With it's wide open wings Situations whirled circumstances changed And they became strangers Once again   Never thought Destiny will bring them together They met and their wrinkled face Smiled at each other Now they are trying to revive the same old friendship As …

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Drink healthy with #Instacuppa

A young , energetic, mentally and physically strong body is a dream of every person. Happiness also comes when you and the people around you are healthy and full of enthusiasm and energy. Maintaining the health of every person in the family has always be a challenge for me. Their health requirements are different at …

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Think Bigger

There are many situations in life when you have to think bigger above your personal gains and benefits. Such decisions give you a self satisfaction and help you to grow as a good human beings . Via daily prompt : fact