Be Proud

If your profession is passion, then you are luckiest person in this world. Even if it is not, be proud of what you are doing. Have a wonderful Wednesday Be Proud,Stay Happy Ms Arora

Live for Yourself,Not for Society

Why do we need society ? Human beings are social animals and their survival is not possible without it.We all are dependent on each other for many small and big needs. It is a web of many chains which are interlinked at many places. Missing a one chain can disturb the whole web or can …

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India at Commonwealth Games 2018 and 2010

India has been doing well in the Sports for last few years at International level. Who can forget the wonderful memories of Commonweath Games held in India. Now is the time to see the rocking performances of our athletes in the Commomwealth Games 2018 in Australia. This time the Commonweath Games are being held at …

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Human’s life

An Acrostic.... Thanks for inspiring me dear Deepika to write this Acrostic . It has been since long I haven't written any poem. Today after reading your post I felt that , yes, I have to write something . Thank you so much for such a long association . You have always been a great …

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Grow Your Blog with Super Blogger Challenge

It is rightly said that participating in contest and challenges is always beneficial to our blog as we get more exposure to the world of blogging. We get a  chance to explore more bloggers and see the work done by them. I must congratulate you guys for arranging such an interactive session in Super Blogger …

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Train your mind

Train your mind and control your thoughts and see the positive changes in your life. Start your week with positive vibes. Have a motivational Monday Ms Arora