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Paint your own sky

You are different and so is your sky ! Paint your sky and fly in the way you want to.....! Remember every struggle is different. Get inspired ....tell me What will be the colour of your sky n why ?? Aurora M

Get rid off those thoughts !

Understanding your emotions and feelings is really important . What more important is to acknowledge them. The more you will deny them, refuse them or run away from them, the more they will haunt you. Accept their existence , see them.... believe in them and these will disappear as if you are seeing the water …

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5 Recipes to try for Diwali 2019

Indian festivals means lots of food and fun ! Specially if it is made at home. Try these recipes to bring smiles on the faces of your guests and give them a treat for their tummy. 1.Matar Kulcha - You can prepare it in the morning and serve it when your guests arrive. People love …

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