Memories never fade

Memories never fade😍😍 Everytime it makes us to relieve that moment to give the same nostalgia !!! It can be an old photograph, a shirt , a place or an incident that takes us back to the memory lane !!! When did you get back to those old days and made the music with those …

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Keep the humanity alive !

The whole world is in pain as people are fighting over religion. No religion is superior or inferior. No religion says to kill humans. Then what for these fights , arguments are for ??? Why can't we do what actually every religion preach ?? WORK FOR HUMANITY...!!! OUR FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS...!!! Let's keep the humanity …

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An ultimate guide to new WordPress bloggers -Part 2

If the answer to this question , then you are at a right place. My answer to this question was yes around two years back. In these 2 years I have grown from 1 follower to 2000 followers. This story can be yours. Today I thought to share this story with you. (You may share …

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You are boundary less #happyChildren’sDay

No matter where you are sitting on the first bench or somewhere in the corner, my love for you never be the less My eyes will find you My heart will hear you There may be four walls around you But you are boundary less (A short poem on Children's day)What's your message for the children …

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Children’s happy day

Chidrens day wishes are on your way ! A very happy Children's day to all the children. May your innocent faces always be happy and smiles on your lips spread the same innocence in the world ! #journeysaysTweet