Life is what you make it

Life means happiness and sorrows,ups and downs,family and friends,competitions, struggles,achievements , fears, beliefs….

If it is smooth then it can’t be a life……

Sometimes life gets stuck and  it passes a signal ….that it is a time  to be refuel and give a spark so that the engine of life ignites again !!!

And for me that was Blogging !!!!

A gave a thought to it and pushed myself into the world of blogging to communicate  my experience , my feelings and some untold , unspoken stories ( being a typical cancerian )
As I believe  it’s a right place to share what we witness in our life , what we learn from the lives of others and relationships between society and us.

Blogosphere is place where we share and learn from each other’s experience.

So , Let the journey begins…..

My blog will have some aspect of teaching learning process…
Experience of daily life
And some scrap too….😁

Come, join me if you want to explore as the journey becomes more interesting if one has a companion …

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11 thoughts on “About

  1. I read one of your poems, very creative – is smoothly written! 😀 Very structured!
    BTW, thanks for following me on instagram! =) Followed you back!
    Keep up the poem writing!


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