Life….means happiness and sorrows,ups and downs,family and friends,competitions, struggles,achievements , fears, beliefs….If it is smooth then it can’t be a life……
Sometimes it get stuck  then it passes a signal ….that it  is a time  to be refuelled and give  a spark so that the engine of life ignites again !!!
And for me that was
Blogging !!!!
A gave a thought to it and pushed myself into the world of blogging to communicate  my experience , my feelings and some untold , unspoken stories ( being a typical cancerian )
As I believe  it’s a right place to share …..
And get  some more from others…

So the journey begins…..

My blog will have some aspect of teaching learning process…
Experience of daily life
And some scrap too….😁

Come, join me if you want to explore as the journey becomes more interesting if one has a companion …

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11 thoughts on “About”

  1. I read one of your poems, very creative – is smoothly written! 😀 Very structured!
    BTW, thanks for following me on instagram! =) Followed you back!
    Keep up the poem writing!


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