broken , failed , alone ?

Broken Shattered Scattered Failed Defeated Crushed Beaten Fragmented Ruined Injured Alone Still Positive Surviving Alive This Is Human Life STAY STRONG IN EVERY SITUATION IN LIFE Ms ArorašŸ’•šŸ’• Via Daily prompt: broken Craving for more.....???? Refuel the engine of your life Love is lost somewhere Do leave the link of your favourite poem as I …

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Human’s life

An Acrostic.... Thanks for inspiring me dear Deepika to write this Acrostic . It has been since long I haven't written any poem. Today after reading your post I felt that , yes, I have to write something . Thank you so much for such a long association . You have always been a great …

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Love is lost somewhere

They were strangers Became friends Fell in love Time flew away With it's wide open wings Situations whirled circumstances changed And they became strangers Once again Ā  Never thought Destiny will bring them together They met and their wrinkled face Smiled at each other Now they are trying to revive the same old friendship As …

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A shadow in my mind

A shadow in my mind Like ripples of water Appears for a second Next moment disappears Never happened before Strange but true Is it with me only Or it's happening with him too? Just a glimpse of his And my heart was lost I am melting like an snow In the warmth of hisĀ  thought …

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Gravity of thoughts

A cavity in the gravity of our thoughts Can take you to an other world. You will reach at a point Where nothing would be visible Except a back hole Remember You are a part of this big universe RejuvenateĀ  The power of yourself Make yourself sun A big ball of fire Let yourself shine …

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Dark Angelic eyes

Not a word was used In the conversation Yet they understood Because he made a reservation With her dark angelic eyes   (Via Daily prompt:reservation)

A reply to a runaway bride

This is a reply to a beautifulĀ  poem written by Yoly describing the feelings of a runaway bride.Ā  A runaway bride,decided to fight Through the hardships of life Though she had no one to care She lived alone and did not share Collected her broken pieces of heart She made herself beautiful and smart She …

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