You are boundary less #happyChildren’sDay

No matter where you are sitting on the first bench or somewhere in the corner, my love for you never be the less My eyes will find you My heart will hear you There may be four walls around you But you are boundary less (A short poem on Children's day)What's your message for the children …

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Happy children's day, children's day quote, wishes , student , teacher

Children’s happy day

Chidrens day wishes are on your way ! A very happy Children's day to all the children. May your innocent faces always be happy and smiles on your lips spread the same innocence in the world ! #journeysaysTweet

Why does the mental health of a teacher important ?

After a day of struggle when we reach home , we are so low at energy level that sometimes we feel as if we are not paying that much attention to our kids as we should ! We give 100% to the students in our class. Do we give same to our kids n family …

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Are you a teacher for Generation – Z

Who says teaching is the most easy job in the world ? Most of the people say if you can't be anything be a teacher. My dears , please spend few months or few days in the classroom for long 8 hours. Only then you will realise that this is most challenging profession. You are …

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Career security and research work need to incorporated in the present education

Add the desiref changes in education according to what you want to see in the future generations . Modern education need to undergo certain changes. This interview will help to understand why India needs educational reforms <a href=""> Read More...

Happy Classroom

Happiness is when I answer a question in the class Happiness is when I get answer of my question… Happiness is when I get a star in my notebook Happiness is when I get a pat on my back….. Happiness is when She calls out my name Happiness is when She appreciates my way… Happiness …

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Finnish Education System – A new approach in education

Why trust a Finn? It is not rare for the Finnish education system to be praised at the news. Whether it is the high scores in PISA results, excellent teachers or the equality of education. The question remains: why should other countries follow the lead and adapt to the Finnish system? Well, the short answer …

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5Es of Education

Education does not mean giving knowledge and stating facts and figures, it includes proper sequence of learning experiences. It includes ENGAGEMENT of students in teaching learning process . Students should not be the passive listeners. EXPLORATION of opportunities, adventures and thought process to construct the new knowledge. EXPLANATION in the form of discussion with participation …

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Develop attitude of gratitude in your child

Teach your children to express gratitude towards all the blessing of this life. Say thank you for this beautiful life , the green nature , the air , and the endless opportunities of everyday life.... Develop attitude of gratitude in them. Aurora M

Constructivism – a paradigm shift in education

Gone are those days when we used to consider our kids as blank slate where we as a teachers were supposed to write our thoughts and ideology. Now the kids are well acquainted with new concepts and ideas. We can be a guide to them to construct a new knowledge based on their previous knowledge. …

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