Yes….this is one word ! It is a kind of phobia!!!

And it means fear of long words…omg !


I am trying to pronounce it and trying to understand its meaning.

I Hope no one struggle with such a phobia whose name itself give a phobia.

Do you have name for your phobia.

Check out this….!!! More than 100 kinds!

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Creative writing as a powerful educational tool for teachers

Creative writing

Every day is a challenge for a teacher. The moment you enter in the class, your students are always ready to blow you up with their queries and complaints. The situation get worse when you have prepared a lesson to teach them and they  are not in a mood to continue.  You can’t bring them back from their world to yours.

So it’s sometimes good to flow with the present situation  but with a different approach.

This is what happened with in the class last week and I  found a wonderful solution. At the same time the results were mind blowing and I couldn’t stop myself sharing this wonderful feeling with you.

They were noisy and not ready to listen to me. I was also tired and didn’t want to speak. I couldn’t leave the class too. I  got up from my chair and wrote few lines on the blackboard and  told them to complete the story beginning with these lines.I encouraged them to open the doors of their imagination.

Silence…a perfect silence!!!

The bell rang and I collected their notebooks.
I went to the staff room and started reading their masterpieces.

I found that every child has his own way of writing. I could feel the connection between their writing and their personal lives through their creative writings. The way they created characters in their writings unfolded many stories and their experiences in life.

Some showed their love for nature while others were not been able to give words for their thoughts…thus leaving their stories incomplete.

Some showed the humorous part of their  personality and brought a smile on my face.

Few took me to an imaginative land with lots of surprises and few added a flavour suspense and horror.

I found something common in all and that was the eagerness to show what all was there in their minds. There was no limitation, no boudations… they were free !!!

They poured their heart, mind and soul on the paper , leaving so many questions for Readers.

This was first time I  realised how creative writing can prove an excellent tool in teaching learning process and their physical and mental growth too.

Creative writing prompts can be in any form. Do try once in a week or month with your kids. You will come to know the other aspects of their personality…..!


As a teacher,what would you do in this kind of situation? 

As a student what would you like to do ?

Creative writing ideas for young kids – Next post coming soon !!!

Surprise for me on teacher’s day celebrations….!!!

This year’s teacher’s day celebrations started with a beautiful gesture of love and appreciation at a personal level in a form of compliment.

I really didn’t  anticipate this surprise.


It made my day…!!!!

An employee feels good when his/ her work is recognised by the the boss or any senior. That creates a bond between the institution and him/her. It gives a feeling of one family and you get a fuel to work with more dedication.

Everyone needs appreciation and motivation. This is what happened to me when I read these two words…

Amazing Teacher

And what to say about this unconditional love❤💙💚❤💙💚

With their little hands…improper lines , letters and figures, they pour their heart on the paper….😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗🤗😗😗😗


They just want to do the best for their teacher mentor, guide and friend……

My feelings were elevated  as I saw the magic created by these little angels….


Board decorated by my students

Amazing feeling….

Thank you for making me feel so special…!!!

I am really proud of being in this noble profession where we put our best efforts to prepare good human beings using few chalk pieces and a chalk board.

A big salute to all the teachers…!!!

Happy teacher’s day …..

Dignify your life


Dignify your life

By doing some good deeds

Extend your hands for those

Who are marginalised

They are indispensable

Part of our society

Let’s make them feel

Sprinkle some sparkle

From the pocket of yours

Give them chances

Let their life shine….

Inspired by the talent of all those children who are belonging to that part of society where they have to struggle for their daily bread. They sleep under the open sky in every season, yet they can outshine anyone by their extraordinary talent.

Give a chance and see their wonders!!!

Feel free to share any instance from your life where you have felt the same.

Let’s Inspire ourselves and others...Let’s dignify our lives….!!!

Via Daily prompt: Dignify

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Early Spelling and Writing

Early signs of learning disabilities and home support…by qualified Specialist Teacher Assessor accredited by the British Dyslexia Association and registered with the Professional Association of Teachers of Learners with Specific Learning Difficulties

Beacons Unique

As with all aspects of development, most children will come to spelling and writing at different stages (more on pre-writing here). In countries where formal academic education begins later, children will likely have developed their hand-eye co-ordination and fine motor skills through self-selected play and craft activities such as LEGO, small world toys, play-doh, cutting and sticking, and use of chalks and crayons.

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Emotional Quotient:a friend or foe


Everybody in this world want to be a successful person but there are few who taste it.What is the measure of success is hard to define.Usually we believe that a person who scores well in exams say 90% is intelligent  while a child who scores say 60%is tortured (sorry to say this word but a bitter truth is that the child has to go through mental trauma). Here I would like to quote that 90% is says more about IQ (Intelligent Quotient) but what about EQ (Emotional Quotient).

IQ is important but EQ is nevertheless.


Emotional Quotient plays important role in real life situations whether at home with family, with friends or at the job place with boss and colleagues.  There are certain situations which demands to have a cool mind and analysis of that moment when you and the people around you are going through the  strong emotional storm . In such case you have to understand your own emotions and others too. There is guarante that you will be able to handle this if you are emotionally strong which in turn mean have  high Emotional Quotient .


Emotional Quotient hence means to understand one’s own emotions and others too. It includes analysis and interpretation of emotions to achieve the target goal.
Let’s have an example

You are running a business and someone who is utmost important for you  and  your Company needs to be hospitalised due to serious illness.Your employees are under stress. You too are facing an emotional stress. Here, which is more important? 

EQ or IQ or A GOOD COMBINATION OF BOTH.You can judge you self. 

Let’s talk about Leadership. Leader is the one who has an ability to lead a team to achieve certain goal.He motivates his team members and condition them  in a way that they can face  every situation. Can we consider the academic performance be the criteria to be a Leader???

Can we consider only academic intelligence as a reason for success????

There are many other factors involved which creates a the path for success. Only Academics can’t be a reason of success as I have discussed in the previous post

 Moreover the definition of success is different for different people. Is there only two types of intelligence or some other  forms  are also existing? I will surely discuss in the coming posts .

 In nut shell what I  can say that  how the child has conditioned for real life’s hard truths and face emotional storms is really matter.





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In this modern world we consider  ourselves educated,learned and well -informed but isn’t it really unfortunate that we are not ready to accept the truth with which our children are struggling. They are fighting a physical and emotional  battle against their own shadows.

Some  parents tell that child knows everything verbally but can’t put in writing .

Sometimes they shout at a child for not being able to tie a shoe lace or  not arranging a cupboard or a school bag according to the timetable and at times shaking a leg or  running here and there while discussion or learning.

And the most irritating task….writing a word  for 5 to 10 times to eliminate the probability of spelling error in a test. Unable to do so,the child gets a tag of being careless and irresponsible…..sad to say SLOW LEARNER

wp-1486102488485Tragically, such words  have great impact on the child’s psychology. By using such words you are forcing a child to enter in dark world of low self esteem where he tries hard to come out of that but all goes in vain.

It is like as if you are telling a person to lift a few kilos of bag Which he is not capable of doing and then  blamed for being lazy.

Basically , Parents  are afraid to accept that the child lacks a particular kind of skill and have learning difficulties with language or mathematical skill.

Now, its a high time to make ourselves aware of these learning disabilities a broader term of learning difficulties in psychology.
Learning disabilities or difficulties include discalulia  ,disgraphia , dyslexia ADHD, ADD…few more.

Once clinically diagnosed by a psychologist,  important corrective measures and steps are taken to bring the child back to the main stream. C0unselling of both parents and a child play an important role ,thus parent should not feel bad to go for the counselling sessions.

Cbse and few other state boards have also recognised  these challenges  and made  certain provisions for such students.http://cbse.nic.in/newsite/index.html

Inclusive education is an excellent opportunity for such students.
Remember that this is not a disease and need not to be looked upon.Such students can do wonders as their brain works in different way as compared to ours .


Winston Churchill: had a learning disability.

Walt Disney: had a learning disability.


Edison: Had a learning. He couldn’t read until he was twelve years old and had a very difficult time writing even when he was older.

Albert Einstein: Mathematician/Physicist: Had a learning disability and did not speak until age 3. He had a very difficult time doing math in school. It was very hard for him to express himself through writing.

Alexander Graham Bell: had a learning disability

Nelson Rockfeller, former Vice President: had a learning disability, dyslexia.


Don’t be a teacher only rather try to be an educator……


It has been more than 15 years in this profession which I rather say PASSION,Yes a passion for teaching. I have never thought of something else as I  considered it as my lifeline  till one day my son told me to write a blog.

Certainly it is great thing to share a good experience of one’s life and get some more from others in return.

Coming upto the expectations of your students and touching their lives is a greatest award that motivate you to climb up the ladder of success.

Today I wanna tell all my students that they are indispensable part of this education system which encourage  teachers to be not only a teacher but an educator who has ability to uplift the real talented hidden behind the walls of ignorance ,self doubts and insecurity.

“Dear Educators, Let’s hold the brush in your hand to remove the dust from the beautiful artifacts made by HIM to show their real face to the world ”

Let them feel and enjoy  this  enthralling, exciting, divine and beauteous life.