A new beginning


He buried

his past


leaving behind

no scars

Submitted himself

for the future

with his courage

and grit

The result

was incredible

and he

came out as

a dazzling star

Via Daily prompt: bury / grit 


Strange bond….

She wiped the sweat which was not ready to leave her for a minute with a soft tissue holding in one hand .Usually she used to manage to get a seat to sit everyday but today there was  no place  even to stand in the bus.

Suddenly she noticed a pair of eyes continously staring at her. She became conscious and tried to ignore but she was unable to get away from those two eyes.

After a stop as some passengers moved out of the bus , her heart starts beating faster than the normal as those eyes were coming closer.

Usually she used to come back by evening but today she was travelling in a bus  so late. She again  wiped her face while looking at long beard ,  two round big eyes and a stern face.

“Mam, You can sit here”

He got up from his seat but I was bit reluctant . Why should I ? ?

Though I was really tired after long hours of  working in the college and then making the arrangements for the upcoming event so I really wanted to but…..I was really aware about those beast who are always looking for their prey. So I pretended as if I didn’t hear.

“Mam,you can sit here.”

I felt as by now he  understood my nervousness. His stern face smiled and bit.”I think you didn’t recognise me.How can you? The boy has now grown into a man. I am Joseph . The one who used to play guitar in the college band.”

Suddenly I recalled his face and  was able to make out.

“Oh !You, I was really….anyway thank you”and I sat on the seat next to him. In the meanwhile the bus stopped and he got up to move out . “Thank you , Mam. I  really had a wonderful time in your classes.”

But I was still wondering  when did I conquer the heart  of this innocent boy that he still remembers me   after so many years I was not knowing.

Via daily prompt:conquer

Today I am grateful…

Today I am grateful for my followers for inspiring me.


Every person here is an inspiration for other.
We all are following each other.

We are sharing our stories, feelings,emotions on a common platform.

Who knows how and  when our writing becomes a solution or key to someone’s problem…..

So keep writing ….✍✍
Keep motivating….👍👍
Keep smiling…..😁😁

 We will leave the world one day but our writing will keep us alive always….

Thanks For being a part of this journey…🙏🙏

In the ocean of my life


I am sailing my boat
In the ocean of my life

Carrying lots of joy
With some of my friends
Having positivity in my bag
Inspiring people on the way
There are smiles in my pocket
For those are in need

I am sailing my boat
In the ocean of my life

There is no place for hatred
As it is too heavy to carry
No grudges or ill feeling
And no reasons for crying
There is no need to be worried
May the peace dwell in our minds….




Hello everyone

I hope you all are enjoying your life at your best. I was sitting alone and suddenly I got stuck with an idea…How about celebrating Sunday  as Funday on WordPress??


Very Simple….You have to describe yourself…..Wait !!!

Not in words as it would too be easy) I know you all are good at this).

Choose a song to describe yourself …..

How about this twist😉😉😉LET’S THE FUN BEGIN…..

My best friend


Sunny is so funny

When he plays in the sun.

He wags his tail

Licks my face and run

He jumps and cross

And rolls on the floor

Sometimes scratch

But never ever tore

My world is around him

But story doesn’t ends

He is not my friend

But best of my friends

He crawls to my feet

To show his love

I show by  tickling

When he takes bath in tub

With what kind of thought

God has made this creature

Sometimes I wonder on his

Such a selfless loving nature

Via Daily prompt: Sunny

My technological birthday wishes…


Yes….It was my birthday last week and usually I don’t plan much since so many years. This year I had a change. This time I planned….yes !!!

I booked tickets for a movie and then planned for a dinner. My daughter gave me a beautiful surprise.She made a beautiful card with a handmade bag that she learnt through youtube.

When I was young my friends used to send me birthday cards, letters by post or come to my place to celebrate …this was in flashback.

Things have changed now…no more b’day cards by post but what I got is lots and lots of messages.

And the interesting part is the origin of these messages in term of technology. The technological origin of these messages was different.

  • What’s app messages– some sent in groups while others  sent a personal message.
  • Facebook Messages- Messages on my timeline,Messages on Facebook messenger and messages on the birthday post sent by others on my FB
  • Short message service -I mean SMS. These are sent by Banks, my school,shopping malls, restaurants. The best part is that they offered discounts and free birthday cake too.
  • Now comes E – mails : Yes,I got e-mails too.These were sent by some websites and few insurance companies.
  • Personal calls – Few were able to manage the time( as life has become a marathon where we all are running at iur own pace)to call me personally including what’s app call.
  • Video calls– How can forget to mentio  the ones who were sitting far away of me and shared their happiness through Skype or other video calling app.

Thanks to this Modern day technology  which made me feel so good on my special day by sending  the feelings of my near and dear ones who inspite of being busy in their life thought of me.

There way of sending messages may be different but all of them had a flavour of love, care and respect.


But I missed something…….

A beautiful bouquet of flowers and a birthday cake  !!! ( Thinking to plan for next birthday 😉😉😉 as planning has begun from this year)

A special mention to my blogger friend who has written beautiful about this day in his post: Celebrate your birth

Do you plan your birthday celebrations in advance or do whatever you like on that day depending on mood😉😉