Don’t be afraid to share your story

Motivational quote, write

Few days back I got this quote on whats app and I found it so appropriate to describe my new page

WRITE TO INSPIRE—-( See the menu)

So inspiring….!!!

Just give words to your thoughts

there are many who are waiting

to hear from you……

give them light

from the burning candle

of your heart…

bring them out

from the deep hole of sadness

and loneliness…

tell them they are not alone…

there are many like them

who are struggling….

some have found the way to come out..


Broken hearts💔💔

trying to mend your hearts…❤❤

So..Don’t be afraid

to share your story….




A big Thank You to the contributors…



Special thanks to Jirah and Kida for their awesome contribution to my page and being a part of Write to inspire.

Do not forget to visit their post to read their opinions towards the issues they have written about.

Thank You to all my wonderful readers too for reading my blog and being a part of this journey  😍😍😍

And the journey continues……

P.S. – For more information about this small mission, Visit my page –WRITE TO INSPIRE in the menu.


Write to inspire – a small initiative


Hello friends….

It has been more than ten months since I am blogging and the learning experience I had during this short span of time is wonderful !!!

I am not a professional blogger.I write whatever comes in my mind and my heart feels.

While writing for my blog and reading others I have felt that…

Words have power to heal ….

Whether it’s writing or reading and this perception  has enkindled me to introduce a new page to my blog


There are few observations behind the initiation of this page which I would like to share with you.

Human beings experience  same kind of emotions and face almost same kind of situations and circumstances to some extend.

Sooner or later we have to prepare ourselves for the tough times of our life.

Write when you can’t tell…

If you  are introvert (even others also), you must have had an experience the suffocation when you can’t tell your feelings to someone. Either you don’t rely on that person or because you don’t have  friend or some other reason.

I am not alone going through this phase…..

Yes, you read it correctly. Sometimes we say it ourselves ‘Why me?’. You will get the answer when will read the post written by someone who is facing the same problem like you.

Learn from the experience of others….

We learn from others as they are in same situation like you or they have come out successfully from that tough times. Then why not to learn from them and why not write how did  you find the peace in those bad days of your life.

Yes, let’s share our experience to inspire others. VISIT THE PAGE and become a helping hand for someone.






And the journey continues…………!!!

Show Your Presence -Indian Blogger Awards2017

Last two days to like and write testimonial on the link mentioned below……

I am finding it difficult to put my thoughts in to words today. It is a big day for me as I have been nominated for Indian blogger awards 2017.I have never imagined myself to be here. To me, winning is not important as winning or losing is a part of game. What is important how you are playing!

Just let me know how far I have reached in this journey and your experience on this journey with me in a form of testimonial…!

Simply click on this…..👇 like or write a testimonial and show your presence😊😊😍

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The Indian Blogger Awards 2017

Happy Moments -Blogger Recognition Award


Once again happy moments are here…!!!


Never thought I will come so far
As I was in a doubt when I  began
I took my one little step and
You made a path for me
leading towards success!!!

I big thank you to lifeblog for nominating me and giving me  recognition as a blogger in the form of  this beautiful award. I always admire his beautiful blog for many reasons.His writings has always been a source of inspiration.

Before I nominate you my dear bloggers,Let’s know about the rules for this award

  • Say “Thank You” to the person who nominated you & link their blog to your post .
  • Answer the questions given to you.
  • Pass the award on to 7 – 10 other bloggers and let them know they have been nominated.
  • Include the Award Badge in your postblogger-recognition-award-now

My answers to the questions  asked by LifeBlog

1-What made you want to start your blog? In other words, why do you write?

My Journey says: Human beings go through many life challenges and these  situations are more or less same for many and if your writing  can provide even a little help, I think it is a great feeling.

2-How do you describe yourself when ask who are you?

My Journey says: A human being having no caste, no religion who only want to work for humanity.

3-What reading does do to you ?
My Journey says: It rejuvenates me and fills my soul with new energy which gives me a power to face many difficult situations of  life.

4-Which is your favorite book and why?
My Journey says: It depends on my mood…..nothing favourite as such !!

5-Do you plan to change any styles regarding your blog ?
My Journey says: . I think I have  mentioned this earlier also. May be in future you find some new categories related to cooking or travelling 🚗🛤✈

6-If you could host a challenge on your blog, what kind would it be?
My Journey says: : Challenge….!!! Never thought of it😉😉

7-What was the moment when you lived to the fullest?
My Journey says: . My First International holiday with my family…… that was amazing😎😍

8-Do you like abstract things or definite?
My Journey says: .I like everything in the nature whether it is abstract or definite except the things which create a negative impact on my beautiful Planet  Earth.

9-Describe your taste in music.
My Journey says: . Music with which I can relate to….

10-What is your philosophy of life?
My Journey says: . Live and let live…
Life is what you make it…
so enjoy the fullest..

And now the nomination part….
I dedicate this award to my new FBF😉😉😉
I mean new Fellow Blogger Friends……😁😁😁
But never  to forget ….OLD IS GOLD as you made the road for me to reach here 🙏🙏

Now I proudly nominate these fellow bloggers…….😎😎 (Brett little) (point blank)

Author Chris brown

Olive tree by sea

Dax Murphy


And the questions to be answered are:

1-What made you want to start your blog? In other words, why do you write?
2-How do you describe yourself when ask who are you?
3-What reading does do to you.
4-Which is your favorite book and why?
5-Do you plan to change any styles regarding your blog?
6-If you could host a challenge on your blog, what kind would it be?
7-What was the moment when you lived to the fullest?
8-What will you ask for if you meet God?
9-Describe your taste in music.
10-What is your philosophy of life?

The best part of writing  for these awards is to know more about each other and build a strong community where we support our fellow blogger friends. Lets continue this motivation , inspiration and admiration to others !!!

Don’t be a solitary bee…🐝

come, join the hands

to make a great community.🐝🐝

Thank you and happy writing !!!


Right way to appreciate the content or blog post

It has been few months since I am blogging and I have learnt few things or rules which I think are worth for sharing. Everyday we come across so many posts which are capable of inspiring many of us and touch our hearts or good enough to feel connected. Sometimes we also get surprised that how this fellow can put my thoughts in a same way as I want to….

Offcourse, you can’t stop yourself appreciating  his/her efforts. You all are well aware of the ways of doing these. You can like, comment,reblog on your website or share on different platforms.

There is one more way of doing so. If you feel inspired by a post and you can write a post on your blog having a same idea or same topic with a mention of that post and adding a link to it.

e.g Inspired by: blog name or blog post

The other way is to mention the blog post or blog name in your post and link it with the same .

Even when  you reblog,you can add your own thoughts with the post to be reblogged.

All these ways give a right kind of appreciation and motivation to the the writer who put lots of hard work and spend hours to write that piece of art as writing is an art of putting the thoughts into words.They read their posts again and again and do the proof reading.

Please don’t copy the content from someone’s blog post without giving the weightage to the one who deserves it.They have their emotions attached to it. Moreover,sooner or later the person will come to know about it.

Ask before doing so as all wordpress themes have Contact Page where you can directly contact with the author.

Whether copyright banner is on the website or not , make sure you don’t KILL someone’s creativity and hurt the sentiments of someone.

I have written this post because this happened to me recently and I was really disappointed and sad for this action. I am not sure if it is done knowingly or unknowingly( I hope it has happened unknowingly) and I can’t connect as the person is not having contact page nor the comment box.

I was in delimma to write the post or not regarding this. Later I thought It would be helpful for those who are new or unaware about infringement or copyright. For more information you can visit this post to know what to do in case of infringement

P.S.- I had no wrong intentions in my heart. I am sorry if I have hurt the sentiments of anyone.