7 Tips for Super blogger Challenge 2019

Superbloggerchallenge2018, blogging
10 Week Blogging Journey

It has been almost a year since I am blogging. I started blogging to share my experiences of life and what I observe in the society. The other reason was to express my imagination in the form of stories, poems or just as feeling.
Slowly and steadily as I grew up as a blogger I came across a world who has a patience  to hear me , support me and share their thoughts with me.

Last month only I came across Superbloggerchallenge2018 on Twitter and I decided to participate. I was exactly not knowing  what we were going to do except the thing that we have write a post in a week.

Superbloggerchallenge2018, blogging, challenge

As we started this challenge I actually understood the real meaning of Challenge. Here I am going to tell you few tips if you guys are planning to participate the Season-2 i.e. Superbloggerchallenge2019.

(This is based on my experience in the first 4 weeks challenges. May be I write few more at the end of this challenge )


1. Be Ready for the hardwork : 

If you think it is a simple blogging Challenge where you you have simply write and submit a post , then you are wrong. You have to really work hard on every aspect of blogging. You work determines the kind of passion you have for blogging. So, if you are making up your mind to participate, be ready to work day and night both( As the submission of post starts at 12 at night. If you want your post to be listed on the top amongst the others, keep your eyes open at night too)

2. Understand the rules well :

This is really an important part of the competition. Read the rules very carefully. Every participant has to strictly follow these rule. Failing to do so can bring you down in competition.

3. Complete the task on time:

Most of the tasks are time oriented. You have to complete the task within the given time limit. In this case, you have to spontaneous in your response keeping the time limit in mind. I remember there was an activity where we were suppose to give response to some prompt within 15 mins.

4. Write unique and quality content :

This is an important key to open the lock of success, not only for this blogging competition but also as a blogger . The better the content  more are the chances to appear in the search. This paves the road to success. Write the content that connects youwith your readers. They must feel your thoughts through your words.

5. Be social and interact with other participants :

Another mantra for this competition is to remain socially active on the different platforms of social media like twitter,Facebook, Google+,Pinterest etc. Promote your post alongwith other’s posts, comment and share. Remember  reading and writing goes hand in hand.

6.Try to participate in maximun activities :

Participation in maximum number of activities is not only for winning but also for your growth as a blogger. Do your homework whole heartedly . It will pay you in long run. There are many things which I have learnt in this 4 weeks of blogging. It helps you to groom as a blogger and polish your blogging skills. I never thought I will be able to write posts more than 500 words but I am writing it now.

7. Prepare yourself for surprises :

How can I forget my first earning through a microblogging activity in which I participated during this blogging challenge . This is one of the few surprises. I must say a Good Surprise.

Even early eliminations which none of us were aware of was a part of the suprise box. There are still many more to come in the coming weeks. So,Make up your mind for any surprise at any moment. 

Anything is possible on

Super blogger challenge !!!! 

These are the few tips that I have mentioned to win the hearts of admins and win the challenge.

A support system for participants  :

The admins are always there to guide you at every moment wherever and whenever you get confused . They have their own to motivate you at every step of Super Blogger Challenge.

I am still on my own way of learning and expecting a lot to learn in the coming weeks. I happy with my decision to participate in this challenge.

Whether you win in the challenge or not but I am sure you are going carry a lot of good memories with your mentors and other participants with a positive attitude towards blogging.

Note: This article has been written as a part of SuperBloggerChallenge2018 conducted by Healthwealthbridge.comFashionablefoodz.comAllaboutthewoman.com and should not be repurposed, republished or used otherwise. The content herein is owned by the blogger. SuperBloggerChallenge2018 is not responsible for any kind of infringement caused. 

☆ Whats your super secret tip to win  such blogging competitions?



 Hello Guys !
Welcome to the new feature on my blog

A day to introduce  a new blogger and its blog to grow the community of bloggers.

Friday Feature, blogging, new blogger

I opened this idea on Twitter yesterday and got a wonderful response. All those who nominated themselves have their own unique kind of blog. It was really difficult for me to whom to feature. Finally I have  come to the decision.

And the winner for




An Intro to her blog:

A blog encouraging women who have lost confidence after a career break.

Why does she blog ? :

Because removing the obstacle of fear from women is her rant!

My Visit to her blog :

I like her ideas of self expression  and how important is the Emotional Quotient.  Some quotes under in the post – Letters to  My Daughter . She writes about Self awareness, motivational and inspirational posts. She has her tube channel too. A blog having a lot to learn and inspire.

Watch the video to know more about her.


Do visit her blog and follow her on your favourite social media.


A big thank to all who participated.
Keep blogging and growing your blog.

   Lets make our community grow 💖

P. S. – Follow me on Twitter for more updates. Good luck for next FRIDAY FEATURE.


Attention Readers!

Attention Readers !

Blog , blogging , blog anniversary
A big blast on this blog

In the coming few days you are going witness a blast on my blog as I am going to bring some changes here .

I am quite excited as in coming week I am going to celebrate my first blog anniversary. I am planning to introduce few new things

  • FRIDAY FEATURE every friday – A new blogger will be introduced alongwith repost of its post.
  • New domain name – I have that in my mind. Hope it works well for me and liked by you.
  • A slight change in  site title – As it required according SEO
  • A Special Blog Anniversary post – It will be special because I am going to mention few of my fellow bloggers and readers.
  • Review of my One Year journey through your eyes – I invite you to write few lines about my blog and introduce your blog and send it to me through My CONTACT PAGE. Your reviews will be published here.
  • Write to Inspire page – Inspirational posts will be linked to my write to inspire page. You are also most welcome to do so.


The coming  post will be dedicated to all my readers who have been following me since the beginning or recently.



With lots of love 💖💖
And the journey continues….

E-mail followers :spam or real ?

Hi Guys !

Hope you are enjoying your first month of the year. Actually I had some confusion regarding my e-mail followers.

I am shocked to see sudden increase in the number of new e- mail followers in the last few days. They are from outlook.com. I never had such follower earlier. There is post  like or comment on any of my post.

They seems to be spam or are they real genuine follower. Do let me know.

What do you say ? What should I do ?

Is there anyone who is facing this confusion ?

Daily prompt: shocked


Don’t be afraid to share your story

Motivational quote, write

Few days back I got this quote on whats app and I found it so appropriate to describe my new page

WRITE TO INSPIRE—-( See the menu)

So inspiring….!!!

Just give words to your thoughts

there are many who are waiting

to hear from you……

give them light

from the burning candle

of your heart…

bring them out

from the deep hole of sadness

and loneliness…

tell them they are not alone…

there are many like them

who are struggling….

some have found the way to come out..


Broken hearts💔💔

trying to mend your hearts…❤❤

So..Don’t be afraid

to share your story….




A big Thank You to the contributors…



Special thanks to Jirah and Kida for their awesome contribution to my page and being a part of Write to inspire.

Do not forget to visit their post to read their opinions towards the issues they have written about.

Thank You to all my wonderful readers too for reading my blog and being a part of this journey  😍😍😍

And the journey continues……

P.S. – For more information about this small mission, Visit my page –WRITE TO INSPIRE in the menu.

Write to inspire – a small initiative


Hello friends….

It has been more than ten months since I am blogging and the learning experience I had during this short span of time is wonderful !!!

I am not a professional blogger.I write whatever comes in my mind and my heart feels.

While writing for my blog and reading others I have felt that…

Words have power to heal ….

Whether it’s writing or reading and this perception  has enkindled me to introduce a new page to my blog


There are few observations behind the initiation of this page which I would like to share with you.

Human beings experience  same kind of emotions and face almost same kind of situations and circumstances to some extend.

Sooner or later we have to prepare ourselves for the tough times of our life.

Write when you can’t tell…

If you  are introvert (even others also), you must have had an experience the suffocation when you can’t tell your feelings to someone. Either you don’t rely on that person or because you don’t have  friend or some other reason.

I am not alone going through this phase…..

Yes, you read it correctly. Sometimes we say it ourselves ‘Why me?’. You will get the answer when will read the post written by someone who is facing the same problem like you.

Learn from the experience of others….

We learn from others as they are in same situation like you or they have come out successfully from that tough times. Then why not to learn from them and why not write how did  you find the peace in those bad days of your life.

Yes, let’s share our experience to inspire others. VISIT THE PAGE and become a helping hand for someone.






And the journey continues…………!!!

Show Your Presence -Indian Blogger Awards2017

Last two days to like and write testimonial on the link mentioned below……

I am finding it difficult to put my thoughts in to words today. It is a big day for me as I have been nominated for Indian blogger awards 2017.I have never imagined myself to be here. To me, winning is not important as winning or losing is a part of game. What is important how you are playing!

Just let me know how far I have reached in this journey and your experience on this journey with me in a form of testimonial…!

Simply click on this…..👇 like or write a testimonial and show your presence😊😊😍


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The Indian Blogger Awards 2017