broken , failed , alone ?

Broken Shattered Scattered Failed Defeated Crushed Beaten Fragmented Ruined Injured Alone Still Positive Surviving Alive This Is Human Life STAY STRONG IN EVERY SITUATION IN LIFE Ms Arora💕💕 Via Daily prompt: broken Craving for more.....???? Refuel the engine of your life Love is lost somewhere Do leave the link of your favourite poem as I …

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Human’s life

An Acrostic.... Thanks for inspiring me dear Deepika to write this Acrostic . It has been since long I haven't written any poem. Today after reading your post I felt that , yes, I have to write something . Thank you so much for such a long association . You have always been a great …

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Love is lost somewhere

They were strangers Became friends Fell in love Time flew away With it's wide open wings Situations whirled circumstances changed And they became strangers Once again   Never thought Destiny will bring them together They met and their wrinkled face Smiled at each other Now they are trying to revive the same old friendship As …

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A shadow in my mind

A shadow in my mind Like ripples of water Appears for a second Next moment disappears Never happened before Strange but true Is it with me only Or it's happening with him too? Just a glimpse of his And my heart was lost I am melting like an snow In the warmth of his  thought …

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When was the poet born?

I was walking through the woods A cuckoo came and asked Who are you? I am a poet When we're you born ? I was about to tell Suddenly I stopped Down the memory lane I saw a man Sitting under a tree Feeling the cool breeze He saw rainbow in the sky I think …

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Live in present-say dew drops

Dew drops,so lovely,on the green grass All are shining brightly,ready to dance Not  even thinking about the future Calling others to live in the present Insisting everyone to forget the past Now or never,with sweet inner emotion Going to rock ,with no hesitation Via Daily prompt:dancing

Come… fall in love💙❤💙

Come Fall in love Falling in love is easy But difficult to maintain So let your love simmer On the slow heat of time Till it gets ready To make your life shine Add some flavour of your choice Make it little spicy or a little sweet 'Cause love is all we need....❤❤ Via Daily …

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Who am I ?

When I try to find my identity I get lost....!!! My mornings are busy Running from kitchen to door Tiffins to uniforms I forget my coffee on the table When somebody calls Evening is for kiddos Doing homework and projects Then I wait for him For the dinner I prepare Thinking about the Next day …

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Superficials in real world

Superficial people Superficial smile Superficial life Living in superficial world... Can't face the reality of the real World And real life Sad on their part..!!! Be happy Via Daily prompt: superficial Photo credit: and the journey continues Visit the page,If you have a story that can inspire others!!  

Get connected with your innerself when you are in pain

To overcome any pain is not an easy task As no one knows exactly What your sufferings are It may be physical It may be emotional It toggles your life And you get boggled You scream , you screech But who will hear ???? You see the people Enjoying their life You get irritated and …

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