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Paint your own sky

You are different and so is your sky ! Paint your sky and fly in the way you want to.....! Remember every struggle is different. Get inspired ....tell me What will be the colour of your sky n why ?? Aurora M

Secret ways to create the Perfect time

What does the perfect time means? Does the perfect time really exist ? Or it is a state of mind which creates it ? Every single second is a replica of the other second. These exactly the same 60 seconds make a minute which in turn make hours , days, weeks, months and so on. …

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Make memories for tomorrow

What we do today will the the past next moment. It is our decision what we want to do today and how to react in a particular situation. Keep in mind , it is we who make the memories for tomorrow. Decide today, what kind of memories you want to enjoy in your future !  Ms …

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Why should we ignore few things in life ?

Sometimes you have to ignore few things in your life to keep your life going on smoothly and make yourself happy. As a river can't stop flowing taking all the big rocks and small pebbles into consideration while moving in its own way .....Same is the rule for life.  "Ignorance is bliss" is a phrase coined …

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Effective ways to achieve goals in life

Can you make a house in a day ? Offcourse not ! It starts with a one small brick and adding more one by one on each other and joining them together with cement . This makes a strong wall. The process continue for the other wall and the next .  It takes time. So …

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Friday Feature #7

A big Hello to all lovely people there. Hope you are in good spirits and enjoying blogging. As we are moving towards the next episode of it , I am finding it difficult to choose one out so many nominations where all are equally good. Since I have to , here comes the next FRIDAY FEATURE …

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Start your day with positive thoughts to stay happy

Everyday is a new day. When we get up in the morning, we start a fresh . That moment is the moment on which our whole day depends. Never start your day with something negative or with worries. Always start your day with some positive thoughts. If you will start your day with a positive thought …

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A new start

FRIDAY MOTIVATION Let's start a new with a new passion in life and find the happiness. Live life king size !!!! Ms Arora 💕💕💕 (Read the full poem here to get inspiration and motivation )

Refuel the engine of your life

When your life seems dull And you can't find a spark Ignite the passion in you Give your engine a new start Sometimes you feel that the life has become so dull and boring. There is nothing around you that interests you more. You feel lonely and insecure.  That is the best moment when you …

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India at Commonwealth Games 2018 and 2010

India has been doing well in the Sports for last few years at International level. Who can forget the wonderful memories of Commonweath Games held in India. Now is the time to see the rocking performances of our athletes in the Commomwealth Games 2018 in Australia. This time the Commonweath Games are being held at …

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