Get rid off those thoughts !

Understanding your emotions and feelings is really important . What more important is to acknowledge them. The more you will deny them, refuse them or run away from them, the more they will haunt you. Accept their existence , see them.... believe in them and these will disappear as if you are seeing the water …

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Go with the flow

When things are not under your control , better to go with the flow to stay at peace. The same situation can't exist for long !!! Says Journey of life.....💕💕 I AM TAKING MY BLOG TO THE NEXT LEVEL WITH BLOGCHATTER’S #MYFRIENDALEXA. THIS IS MY #POST 6 FOR THE CAMPAIGN

A dream to reach that star

A Dream To Reach That Star The sun was ready to hide in the blanket of dark clouds. I could see the birds flying back to their homes. Standing near the window of kitchen I amazed how the dusk was slipping into the dark night. I loved to see through the window of my kitchen …

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Are you aware about false guilt feeling ?

Damn ! Am I really doing something wrong that is giving me guilt feeling ?? Or someone is just trying to create a situation that better suits to him and helps him to take advantage??? Is this guilt feeling is true ??? Is it a guilt trap ??? There are people in the world who …

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Life is what you make it

This blog post is for all those who want to make their life worthwhile. There is question that strikes everyone's mind when they sit alone - What is life ??? Some think that life is a challenge, for few it is a gift of God. To me , Life is what you make it . …

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Your attitude matters in your life

Yes! Attitude matters a lot. Carrying the right attitude can have a magical impact on your life. It is only the God who knows what is written on the next page of your life. It comes in front of you once it is written. You have no eraser to erase nor you can cut and rewrite. …

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Make memories for tomorrow

What we do today will the the past next moment. It is our decision what we want to do today and how to react in a particular situation. Keep in mind , it is we who make the memories for tomorrow. Decide today, what kind of memories you want to enjoy in your future !  Ms …

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