Do you keep the dead dog in your mind ?

Recently somebody asked me this question.Why do you keep the dead dog in your mind ? I was not been able to understand these question. I was completely unaware that this question can have such a deep meaning. Read this post further to know about this dead dog and how it affects our lives. One …

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Secret ways to create the Perfect time

What does the perfect time means? Does the perfect time really exist ? Or it is a state of mind which creates it ? Every single second is a replica of the other second. These exactly the same 60 seconds make a minute which in turn make hours , days, weeks, months and so on. …

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Surrender – A technique for freedom

In battle, surrender is giving up your resistance to an enemy, this is rarely ever a beneficial outcome , often synonymous with a loss and death. However, when looking at surrender to use in your internal world, it is a powerful asset. Surrendering as a powerful asset and secret of happiness For a very long …

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Think Bigger

There are many situations in life when you have to think bigger above your personal gains and benefits. Such decisions give you a self satisfaction and help you to grow as a good human beings . Via daily prompt : fact

No complications,Dear life !

Good bye Dear 2017…I will miss you😍

Year 2017 is ready to fly away as we have entered in the last week of this year. The count down has begun. My last week was quite busy and so is this week. I may not be able to post this week again as we have a family get together this week. So there …

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Life and success

"Sometimes life demands your 150% ,So be prepared for it. But, Remember even 150% does not guarantee your success. Success has its own  parameters and that too varies from person to person. If 150% is ready to give 200% Finally success will also understand your determination and your hard work. It will be with you …

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Quote of the day -1

I would love to do the three-day quote challenge initiated by Rules for the challenge: • Thank the blogger who nominated you. • Publish 3 quotes on 3 consecutive days on your blog. It can be your own, or from a book, song, movie, or from anyone who inspires you. • Nominate 3 more …

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