New blog site but we are same

Finally after 3 years of blogging I have moved to my new new self hosted site. But let me tell you , nothing has changed. Only a new Domain name http://www.lifemarbles.com but you can find all the content there too. It may take little time to understand the new way of learning. Together we will …

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A dream to reach that star

A Dream To Reach That Star The sun was ready to hide in the blanket of dark clouds. I could see the birds flying back to their homes. Standing near the window of kitchen I amazed how the dusk was slipping into the dark night. I loved to see through the window of my kitchen …

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Do you keep the dead dog in your mind ?

Recently somebody asked me this question.Why do you keep the dead dog in your mind ? I was not been able to understand these question. I was completely unaware that this question can have such a deep meaning. Read this post further to know about this dead dog and how it affects our lives. One …

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Be at your peace of mind

Throw out the anger , grudges , jealousy or a bad incident from your mind to think fresh and be at your peace. There is lot of good waiting for you ! Aurora M I am taking my blog to next level with #MyFriendAlexa a campaign by BLOGCHATTER

Are you a teacher for Generation – Z

Who says teaching is the most easy job in the world ? Most of the people say if you can't be anything be a teacher. My dears , please spend few months or few days in the classroom for long 8 hours. Only then you will realise that this is most challenging profession. You are …

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New day , New opportunities

Don't think much about what has happened today. Just take an experience and move forward as new day is waiting for you with new opportunities. Ms Arora đź’•đź’• Follow my daily adventures on Instagram or Facebook  And twitter ❤I am taking my Alexa rank to the next level by taking part with Blogchatter, let’s be a part of …

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Diwali shopping – Why should you begin early ?

You must be thinking that this girl is crazy as there is a lot more time to Diwali and she has  already started working upon her list. Isn't it  too early OR she is a shopping freak ? No  Guys ! I am not a shopping freak but there are few reasons because of which …

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Google Doodle Contest for kids 2018

Every child has its own world of imagination. There are different ways by which we can bring their imagination or world of thoughts out. It can be some writing activities or drawing  competitions. From time to time Google keep on organising such activities for kids where kids get a chance to showcase their talent. Doodle …

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Creative writing tools for kids-Part 2

Creative writing plays an important role in the way of learning language. It gives a chance to the learner to explore his imagination and put them into words. At the same time, the learner must get enough exposure forreading the books as reading comes before writing when when we are talking about language i.e. LSRW …

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Live your life fullest

Live your life fullest...!!! Life is given once enjoy it fullest as it has no pause , rewind or forward button . There is no need to look for perfect moment to be happy. Find the happiness  in the imperfect moments, beautiful flaws, minor mistakes !!! That is life all about...!!! Ms Arora đź’•đź’• Follow …

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