Early Spelling and Writing

Early signs of learning disabilities and home support…by qualified Specialist Teacher Assessor accredited by the British Dyslexia Association and registered with the Professional Association of Teachers of Learners with Specific Learning Difficulties

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As with all aspects of development, most children will come to spelling and writing at different stages (more on pre-writing here). In countries where formal academic education begins later, children will likely have developed their hand-eye co-ordination and fine motor skills through self-selected play and craft activities such as LEGO, small world toys, play-doh, cutting and sticking, and use of chalks and crayons.

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Sweet little monsters….

Hey friends

Don’t be scared of these sweet little monsters sitting on the back seat of my car.They are not a danger  for your survival. They are simply strolling around the city to make their presence count….

Captured while going out for a dinner!!!

They can only be a dangerous  if  you are hiding the ice cream somewhere in the refrigerator🍨🍨🍦

Or the lollies somewhere in the cupboard 🍢🍢🍡🍡


If you are standing at Mcdonald or Pizza Corner, Chances are there that they attack on you for 🍔🍟🍕🍕….

Wanna save yourself ???

Take them out for the feast time to time otherwise they can appeared suddenly on the back seat of your car too….


Seven Ages of Parenting…..

Recently I read  a  poem “Seven Ages of Man” by William Shakespeare. It is  an excerpt from his play ‘As You Like It‘.In this poem he has beautifully explained the role of Man  on  the stage of life.He has explained the seven different roles which  are performed by a man during his life.

wp-14873092139191.jpgIn a same way I feel that Parenting too undergo  changes with time.

  • Feeling of parenthood starts well  before the child comes to this world. Getting ready to welcome the new member of the family.
  • Stage two starts as soon as the hands feel the touch of human life. Sleepless  tiring nights, Frequent nappy  change, long feeding hours, beautiful prams ….
  • There comes the stage -to be like a child. Playing games Carrom,ludo, snakes and ladders ,watching cartoon movies, Getting wet in the rain….
  • Now the most crucial role to be played….as friend, being parents of a teenager. The one who plays this well is the most successful parent. Here is a chance to manage the so-called Generation – gap by being friendly to your teenager and understanding the need of his age.
  • After completing that long  difficult phase comes -to be supporter.You have to give your support to your grown-up in taking important decision of his life. Suggestions can be given when asked but be ready if not accepted.
  • In this stage you have to  just observe (being observer) whatever happens in your child’s  life (rather a grown-up ) which is now ready to go through the same cycle as you have gone through.
  • And , at the last …just a feeling of being parents as you had in the beginning but the only difference now is ,they are away. …….Enjoying  their parenthood…..but few lucky ones get the second innings too…to be grandparents!!!

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