Countdown train of thoughts to #Year2020 Post-6

Keep on hitting the wall you want to break. You may not notice any change outside. Remember each time you will hit , it will make weak from inside. Untired efforts of yours will shatter it deep within. You may not know that which hit of yours is last which will Suddenly break the wall …

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Effective ways to achieve goals in life

Can you make a house in a day ? Offcourse not ! It starts with a one small brick and adding more one by one on each other and joining them together with cement . This makes a strong wall. The process continue for the other wall and the next .  It takes time. So …

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Grow Your Blog with Super Blogger Challenge

It is rightly said that participating in contest and challenges is always beneficial to our blog as we get more exposure to the world of blogging. We get a  chance to explore more bloggers and see the work done by them. I must congratulate you guys for arranging such an interactive session in Super Blogger …

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Life and success

"Sometimes life demands your 150% ,So be prepared for it. But, Remember even 150% does not guarantee your success. Success has its own  parameters and that too varies from person to person. If 150% is ready to give 200% Finally success will also understand your determination and your hard work. It will be with you …

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Say it to yourself-I will not stop

Say it to yourself  I will not stop No matter how much I am tired I know that I am few steps away Where the success resides  I know this is a last minute fight  And I need not to cry I am hurt and my legs are paining But the winners keep on trying  …

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Never let your love affected by success or failure

What a coincidence he got the success years later which she wanted for him few years back.....! He has no regret now because he has some one who can understand him better Rather than the one who misunderstood him few years back..! Via Daily prompt: coincidence 

Believe in yourself

These are the finite moments So I need not to worry I know I have wings Though they are tiny A day will come And I will fly Those who laugh And make fun of my weakness They will be jealous As They'll witness my success in future Via daily prompt: finite (Image source:Google)

Failure-a part of success

Don't make  excuses for your failures Accept them proudly as Failures are for those who try Not for those who sit and wait for something to happen in life So get up and try Success is waiting for you through the hard realisation of failures !!!

Emotional Quotient:a friend or foe

  Everybody in this world want to be a successful person but there are few who taste it.What is the measure of success is hard to define.Usually we believe that a person who scores well in exams say 90% is intelligent  while a child who scores say 60%is tortured (sorry to say this word but …

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