Countown Train of thoughts to #Year2020

Believe me it is not only your friends who show you the best way to live life , even the strongest enemy of yours have a good lesson for your life. Learn that best lesson of your life from him. You can forget what you have learnt from your friend but the lesson your enemy …

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Paint your own sky, #motivation, motivational quote, life quotes , Journey of life continues quotes

Paint your own sky

You are different and so is your sky ! Paint your sky and fly in the way you want to.....! Remember every struggle is different. Get inspired ....tell me What will be the colour of your sky n why ?? Aurora M

Go with the flow

When things are not under your control , better to go with the flow to stay at peace. The same situation can't exist for long !!! Says Journey of life.....💕💕 I AM TAKING MY BLOG TO THE NEXT LEVEL WITH BLOGCHATTER’S #MYFRIENDALEXA. THIS IS MY #POST 6 FOR THE CAMPAIGN

Hidden Strength #quotes

To face the every situation in life , you need strength. People in life can support you and help you to recognise the inner strength hidden in you. Only you can understand this hidden power of you and bring it out. Aurora M Check out other quotes here

Make memories for tomorrow

What we do today will the the past next moment. It is our decision what we want to do today and how to react in a particular situation. Keep in mind , it is we who make the memories for tomorrow. Decide today, what kind of memories you want to enjoy in your future !  Ms …

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Unsaid words in life

There are words which we don't speak but yet we want them to be understood by others. If this happens at any moment of  the life , believe me , it can change your life. It make both the sides feel happy as their souls can communicate with each other . Ms Arora 💕💕

This day is your day

This day is your day. Make it best and leave the rest .....!!!! How are you going to make your day best ???  Ms Arora 💕💕

What’s your definition ?

I create a new definition for myself everyday because everyday is a new day. Today I am a positive person with lots of energy , planning to have lot of fun ! What's your definition for today ????? Ms Arora 💕💕

I am thankful to Lord !

Thank you Lord for being with us and making me feel  your presence by showers of blessings in the form of nature ! Are you thankful to God ? For what ? Ms Arora 💕💕

A new start

FRIDAY MOTIVATION Let's start a new with a new passion in life and find the happiness. Live life king size !!!! Ms Arora 💕💕💕 (Read the full poem here to get inspiration and motivation )