broken , failed , alone ?

Broken Shattered Scattered Failed Defeated Crushed Beaten Fragmented Ruined Injured Alone Still Positive Surviving Alive This Is Human Life STAY STRONG IN EVERY SITUATION IN LIFE Ms AroraπŸ’•πŸ’• Via Daily prompt: broken Craving for more.....???? Refuel the engine of your life Love is lost somewhere Do leave the link of your favourite poem as I …

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WordPress is now 15 years old -Happy birthday

Glimpses of WordPress 15th Anniversary's Celebration -Delhi Meetup WordPress has been a great revolution in the world of blogging and has been growing year after year. It has been a place where you can write , share , sell , promote and the list goes on. The best part of this community is that everyone …

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Being Social vs Social Media

Do you feel guilty being more more busy with Social media compared to being social. Give a thought about it. Ms Arora πŸ’•πŸ’• Via Daily prompt: Guilty

Social media obsession, social media obsession, journey of life continues

Impact of Social Media on our lives

Life is meant to enjoy at its fullest. What does enjoyment means to us.It means to play all day and night for a child. To roam about, travel , eat , sleep, drink are the few ways to enjoy the life. There are some new modern ways to enjoy life and find happiness in life. …

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A new start

FRIDAY MOTIVATION Let's start a new with a new passion in life and find the happiness. Live life king size !!!! Ms Arora πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• (Read the full poem here to get inspiration and motivation )

Refuel the engine of your life

When your life seems dull And you can't find a spark Ignite the passion in you Give your engine a new start Sometimes you feel that the life has become so dull and boring. There is nothing around you that interests you more. You feel lonely and insecure.Β  That is the best moment when you …

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Friday Feature #5

Welcome back to New Friday Feature Post A hello to lovely readers !!! Here comes the most awaited new friday feature post , featuring more than one blogger this time. Reason why I write Friday Feature Posts ? During these #FRIDAY#FEATURE posts, I have met some wonderful people online who are so positive towards life …

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Self Promotion for a an upcoming Celebrity

You must be thinking of for which celebrity I am talking about ? It's not wrong if I call myself as an upcoming celebrity.Why and how ? The story of this celebrity blogger is not a very old. It is just more than one year ago and the destiny of this blogger celebrity is now …

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