Strange magic….!!!

  Jaunty music jiggles my heart Imbibes a  passionate feel Gets me into strange magic Gorgeous! She enters.... Love has to happen Endless, everflowing,sacred love....!!!! Jiggle


I was looking for him but he was nowhere .Suddenly I reached at  his Hideout".  Few colours fallen on the ground, few brushes lying here and there. I have never seen him doing painting. When a person is so  expressing with words then what does it stand for?? This question was striking my mind again and …

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Seven Ages of Parenting…..

Recently I read  a  poem "Seven Ages of Man" by William Shakespeare. It is  an excerpt from his play 'As You Like It'.In this poem he has beautifully explained the role of Man  on  the stage of life.He has explained the seven different roles which  are performed by a man during his life. In a same …

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Where lies happiness ????

Sometimes  when I feel sad, low , depressed and stressful, this question strikes my mind and I become restless to find the answer. I run here and there  and struggle with my inner soul to reply me. I hear no voice...What I observe is  a period of silence. Again, I give a try to speak …

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In this modern world we consider  ourselves educated,learned and well -informed but isn't it really unfortunate that we are not ready to accept the truth with which our children are struggling. They are fighting a physical and emotional  battle against their own shadows. Some  parents tell that child knows everything verbally but can't put in …