Magical ways to do healthy shopping for your meals


Superbloggerchallenge2018, contest, healthy shoppingPicking up a bag and going to the market to buy grocery and  other products of daily needs is  a big task. The annoying part is when we come , we see a lot of things which were either not required or can’t be used for any purpose.

By the end of month, again same thing happens.  Finally either you have to throw as you didn’t use. Sometimes we bring a lot but realise that the products you have with you are not good for health. You can’t give it to kids , not even to your beloved ones as he or she is already gaining weight or you , yourself , becoming a couch potato. Finally  you decide to throw or eat ?

There is a way to solve all these problems. Here are few tips for healthy shopping for your meals so that you don’t regret later.
Because you are the person who is more worried for the health of all the family members. Here are few tips and suggestions  that may be prove helpful to you.

1. Prepare a list of things you require :  This is the first and an important part of your healthy shopping. Once you are ready with your list ,you will have a control on your mind who is having tendency to waver when see the lots of eye -catching products and labels.

2. Be time – specific  : This is the another ingredient to be added to your shopping. Fix the time duration for shopping. It may vary according to the number of items you have on your list. It will restrict you to spend unnecessarily time and get allure with the products. You will be more concentrated on the listed things only.

3. Prefer whole wheat breads and other products :  These days most of the products are available in both the versions – whole wheat or refined flour. Go for whole wheat as it good for your stomach and have lot of fibres. It is easy to digest and provide good amount of roughage.

4. Prefer yoghurt or curd over creams :  We use lot of cream in fruit salads and many other recipes.  Try  these two things. I  am sure you can’t get better option than these. And you not feel bad eating two many calories too.

5.. Look for fat-free labels : There are many fat- Free snacks or food items  available in the market. These are either roasted or  have a modified  ingredients which make them  make  fat -free

6. Choose healthy snacks : This is a tricky part. Don’t worry ! You can do this also. Here , you can consider dry fruits , roasted seeds etc

7.Prefer fresh products over frozen or canned :
Canned food have lot of preservatives which are not good for health. Hence , these should be avoided. Moreover fresh fruits taste better.

8. Say yes to coconut water or butter milk and no to cold drinks : There is good option available for cold drinks. Cold drinks are high in sugar content while coconut water is high in minerals. Its good for kids and elders too. It can be a good option in summer.

Superbloggerchallenge2018, contest
Choose your drink wisely -coconut water or cold drink

9.. Get some Yakult  :  It is a delicious probiotic fermented milk drink ,a perfect treat for kids. Taste and health together. A has lots of good bacteria which are good for their tummy. My kids love it !

10. Fulfil the craving of chocolate by opting for dark chocolate :  Dark chocolate is an antioxidant rich super foof which will keep you young.

11. Instead of sweet candies buy dry fruit candies : These dried candies have natural sugar content. Amla( gooseberry) , pine- apple,kiwi , mangoes candies are now a days available in every shop.

12. Buy a bottle of Olive oil : Try using olive oil for breads , salads and pasta. You will fall in love with its taste. Prefer Extra Virgin Olive for salads .

This time you will feed good  as you are going to keep your family healthy with given magical tips and suggestions

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Eat healthy, Stay healthy.

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Hello and Welcome to the next edition of

FRIDAY FEATURE Friday Feature, blogging, new blogger

A fortnightly blogpost !
Time to introduce a new blogger …
I think  a new blogger,I must say a new blogger friend .
The best of part of this post is that I get a chance to know many wonderful bloggers and feel proud to be connected with them.
Believe me, its really nice to see the community of blogger growing up.

Now, let me introduce to you  the blogger of the day and her blog

Blog’s name : Helen’s Journey
Blogger          : Helen

About her : 

Her only dream is to establish a Health Centre.  She also has her own support group on Facebook for Fibromyalgia and chronic Illness sufferers for the last 10 years.

About her blog :

She has a wellness & positivity blog, which  she uses to log her  journey with chronicillness (fibromyalgia) & discovering more natural ways to empower her  mind, body & soul.  She also write some poetry too.

Her reason for blogging:

She can’t think of a better way to give a portrayal of true life than regular blogs by someone talking about their life, the real issues they face and their views on the world they live in.

From where does she blog :

She writes from a beautiful city of Birmingham , England.

My Visit to her blog:

Amazing ! I couldn’t resist myself reading more and more on her blog. All her posts are full of positive vibes. It not only helps you to become mentally a strong person but also throw some tips for being physically fit in a natural way. She has beautiful Instagram page too. She also write poems.

Blogger, life, instagr

I am sure you will enjoy your visit to her blog Congratulations!!!Dear Helen. Proudly announce on your blog that you are now an important part of friday feature bloggers team. #ffbt

A big thank to all who participated.
Keep blogging and growing your blog.

Let’s support each other and  make our  community grow.

Stay connected and Keep blogging !


Blogging is an art and you should feel  proud to have it.

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He simplified his Valentine

Valentine, quote, love, relationship, don't break my heart

He is the one about whom I dreamt

With whom I feel intimacy.

I relish his presence

And I am blessed to

Have him in my life.

He is my first Valentine

Now  I am not single

I  have my soul mate

Who is making feel awesome .

I passed my last night

Just thinking about how

To make his day memorable.

Before I could do anything

He gave me a surprise.

‘It was hardwon for me,

‘Sorry !’ He took a sip of wine

And left me alone, then n there

To simplify his first Valentine

Via Daily Prompt:

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How many roles are you playing ?

Roles, life, blog, views

The roles you have played in your real life so far. How easy has it been to switch/transit from one role to another? How many more do you wish to play?

The idea to write on this prompt on Indispire made me think little more deeper. As a human being on this stage of life as Shakespeare said we have different roles to play but I never gave a thought to it.

They were all dressed in their finest as though life really were some magical stage play in which every moment ought to be illuminated with its own bright spotlight.

As said by Shakespeare

As a woman, at present,I am playing the role of mother, a wife , a daughter , a sister ,a daughter-in- law simultaneously in the family. Every role is carrying a unique feature to play.

Talking in terms of official front, I am a teacher, an educationist, a mentor , a guide for some and a colleague, a friend, a senior , a junior to other.

In Society, different roles are there to play. A friend, a neighbour, a motivator, a leader.
Considering the past,role of student , a girlfriend is now over.

I have been a creator of life when I gave birth to the life !

The list doesn’t end here. It cont

I am devotee , I am follower…….

I am a blogger, I am….???????

There are few I must have forgotten either because I  played for short  period of time or may not be so important.

Every role have certain limitations and some advantages , hence transition from role to another has never been easy. Sometimes with in a few seconds a makeover is required and then you really find a challenge. But life is a very good teacher and it teaches us in such a beautiful manner that you ,at times ,forget about this switch.

Sometime the struggles you face during these transitions are unforgettable e.g.being a mother to mother-in – law or vice verse. A beautiful change from womanhood to motherhood or a man to fatherhood. A girlfriend to wife and many more.

Think of a phase when so many roles are played together in a one moment of life.

As we have to pass in the test to get promoted to another class or have to perform better to get promotion in job, so is in life.

Perform your duties well and get promoted to avail a chance to play another role. Life does not permit you to choose the role but allows the way you want to act . Not everyone get a chance to play all the roles of life , yet I expect there are few more that I have to play.

You think of yourself
as a citizen of the universe.
You think you belong
to this world of dust and matter.
Out of this dust
you have created a personal image,
and have forgotten
about the essence of your true origin”

Come, Play , Show different shades of life.
Enjoy and say good bye till you meet the eternal peace.

Each role is carrying few responsibility and few duties. Hope God Almighty will give me the power and strength to get successful in each and every role I will  play in future and at present too.

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 Hello Guys !
Welcome to the new feature on my blog

A day to introduce  a new blogger and its blog to grow the community of bloggers.

Friday Feature, blogging, new blogger

I opened this idea on Twitter yesterday and got a wonderful response. All those who nominated themselves have their own unique kind of blog. It was really difficult for me to whom to feature. Finally I have  come to the decision.

And the winner for




An Intro to her blog:

A blog encouraging women who have lost confidence after a career break.

Why does she blog ? :

Because removing the obstacle of fear from women is her rant!

My Visit to her blog :

I like her ideas of self expression  and how important is the Emotional Quotient.  Some quotes under in the post – Letters to  My Daughter . She writes about Self awareness, motivational and inspirational posts. She has her tube channel too. A blog having a lot to learn and inspire.

Watch the video to know more about her.


Do visit her blog and follow her on your favourite social media.


A big thank to all who participated.
Keep blogging and growing your blog.

   Lets make our community grow 💖

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Gravity of thoughts

Poetry,Gravity of thoughts, poem , life, inspiration

A cavity in the gravity of our thoughts
Can take you to an other world.
You will reach at a point
Where nothing would be visible
Except a back hole
You are a part of this big universe
The power of yourself
Make yourself sun
A big ball of fire
Let yourself shine
And help the moon to shine too
Make the  planets of thoughts
Revolve around you
Maintaining the distance
From youself
Under your control.
Milkyway is not only for them
It is for you too.

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Commander Quill Award


Award, blogging

Quill Award is created to inspire reading while promoting literacy and patriotism

A big thank to Silas for nominating me for this award. Indeed this award is a beautiful way to spread love , peace harmony and feeling of brotherhood among the bloggers.

It is best time for me to write for this Award Post because last week only we have celebrated our Republic Day with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Here is my tricolour National flag 

National flag , Indian flag , Indian national anthem

You, the ruler of our minds, our nation
To you our humble salutations!
You, the custodian of so many!
You, the guardian of India’s destiny!
Through Punjab and Sindh, Gujarat and Maratha
Dravida, Utkala and Bengal
Across lofty crests and mellow leas of the Vindhyas and the Himalayas
Your name awakens one and all!
It rests upon the melodies of the Yamuna and Ganga in harmony
And swells the waves of the titanic sea!
Your blessings we seek, your praises replicate you
As the Protector of India’s fate!
Victory! Victory! Victory!
Victory forever to you!

Rules for Commander Quill Award:

1. Create a new post thanking the person who nominated you, link their blog.

2. List the rules of the award.

3. Post a photo of your National flag and anthem.

4. Leave a favorite quote.

5. Nominate a few Loyal bloggers.


Life quote , inspiration, motivation

I have nominated few of the blogger but all those who want to share their love for the country are most welcome.

Dear nominated bloggers ,

You want to write for this award or not
The choice is completely yours.

Here are the nominations:









Looking forward read your National Anthem.

Hope you find i enjoyable!

With love

And the journey continues….