Plan for the day

I read these thoughts in the morning and found them worth sharing with you all who wanna plan something to achieve certain goal in their life. Hope you will feel motivated  : A goal without a plan is just a wish. There is one thing in common between  successful and unsuccessful persons, they have 24 …

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Dignify your life

Dignify your life By doing some good deeds Extend your hands for those Who are marginalised They are indispensable Part of our society Let's make them feel Sprinkle some sparkle From the pocket of yours Give them chances Let their life shine.... Inspired by the talent of all those children who are belonging to that …

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World Peace

  White Gives peace Spreads love everywhere Let every heart rejoice Togetherness Via : A simple ELFJE  11 word challenge.....prompt word- love For more details and rules, visit the link

Happy Moments -Blogger Recognition Award

  Once again happy moments are here...!!! Never thought I will come so far As I was in a doubt when I  began I took my one little step and You made a path for me leading towards success!!! I big thank you to lifeblog for nominating me and giving me  recognition as a blogger …

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Let my country awake…!!!

A perfect day to share the master piece of a great poet....!!! So true in today's world  Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high Where knowledge is free Where the world has not been broken up into fragments By narrow domestic walls Where words come out from the depth of …

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Spicy flavour of the love

If you forget her birthday or Don't wish her anniversary If you can't remember the day you met with her or you don't say goodbye to her in the morning If you  promise to take her for a movie or dinner And you come home late On that  lovely evening....then Be ready to taste the …

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Right way to appreciate the content or blog post

It has been few months since I am blogging and I have learnt few things or rules which I think are worth for sharing. Everyday we come across so many posts which are capable of inspiring many of us and touch our hearts or good enough to feel connected. Sometimes we also get surprised that …

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