Hello Guys !
Welcome to the new feature on my blog

A day to introduce  a new blogger and its blog to grow the community of bloggers.

Friday Feature, blogging, new blogger

I opened this idea on Twitter yesterday and got a wonderful response. All those who nominated themselves have their own unique kind of blog. It was really difficult for me to whom to feature. Finally I have  come to the decision.

And the winner for




An Intro to her blog:

A blog encouraging women who have lost confidence after a career break.

Why does she blog ? :

Because removing the obstacle of fear from women is her rant!

My Visit to her blog :

I like her ideas of self expression  and how important is the Emotional Quotient.  Some quotes under in the post – Letters to  My Daughter . She writes about Self awareness, motivational and inspirational posts. She has her tube channel too. A blog having a lot to learn and inspire.

Watch the video to know more about her.


Do visit her blog and follow her on your favourite social media.


A big thank to all who participated.
Keep blogging and growing your blog.

   Lets make our community grow 💖

P. S. – Follow me on Twitter for more updates. Good luck for next FRIDAY FEATURE.



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  4. Not sure if my blog set with a follow button🤔🤗although it must be i guess because 31 amazingly wonderful people are following me… and iv no idea what ping back is although im set up gor it i never hear a ping.. 😂 but im new to it so il hopefully learn the ropes sooner than latet😘

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