Sweet little monsters….

Hey friends

Don’t be scared of these sweet little monsters sitting on the back seat of my car.They are not a danger  for your survival. They are simply strolling around the city to make their presence count….

Captured while going out for a dinner!!!

They can only be a dangerous  if  you are hiding the ice cream somewhere in the refrigerator🍨🍨🍦

Or the lollies somewhere in the cupboard 🍢🍢🍡🍡


If you are standing at Mcdonald or Pizza Corner, Chances are there that they attack on you for 🍔🍟🍕🍕….

Wanna save yourself ???

Take them out for the feast time to time otherwise they can appeared suddenly on the back seat of your car too….


Unpredictable moments of life

It was a special day for me as I was going to celebrate my 21st birthday. I  was happy with all the arrangements. Suddenly I saw a paper kept under the beautifully decorated box with the shinning  ribbon flowers.

“It must be a gift from my mom”I  thought .

My eyes sparkled with happiness and eagerly I stepped forward . I looked around to get the clue but there was no one in the room except me. I picked up the paper and started reading.  Suddenly the high  waves of emotions tear me apart . The ship in which I was sailing was not belonging to me anymore.

Dear Andy

We have never imagined our life without you but we can’t be so selfish. We can’t keep the truth hidden from you for long. Twenty years back, on the same day,
we got blessed with a flower though it was not belonging to us.Yes, it was belonging to someone else’s garden.

We started cherishing  every moment of our life seeing it growing. We never had an autumn thereafter. It spreads its fragrance in way that we forgot all our pains.But now,that flower is at his full bloom and free to  choose his way.

Not belonging to us…..these words were echoing in my mind.

The memories of my childhood was  flashing in front of  my eyes. The moments of holding hands of my parents and walking towards the school.

A handmade chocolates made by mom especially for me…

The beautiful card I made for her on mother’s day…

Watching a movie with dad….. Long 21 years My heart was not ready to accept the truth.
At the end ,an address was written

Mr David Brown
Street 2…..

Suddenly I stopped reading….should I read the address futher. Why should I ? I had no courage to read the complete  address nor I wanted to. For me, it was meaningless as the life had been so wonderful through out these years that nothing could replace it. We were standing together as a strong mountain against the hard winds of the life.

It is not important where the  seed has come from,what matter is the place where  it is  growing , the soil which is nourishing it …the air which is helping it to  breathe.

They are the one who gave me  a reason to live and  smile, moments to cherish. I had a final look though I had already taken a decision.

As I  took a turn I felt the two pure souls standing behind me with emptiness in their eyes.

I threw that paper on floor and gave them a warm hug. None of us spoke a word but the vibration of feelings and warmth of the love passed through the three bodies.

  • Do you agree with the decision made by Andy? Or He should have left his foster parents? 
  • One more thing ,suggest an another tittle for this story as per your perspective.

Looking forward to read your comments ……😊😊😆💙💚

Strange bond….

She wiped the sweat which was not ready to leave her for a minute with a soft tissue holding in one hand .Usually she used to manage to get a seat to sit everyday but today there was  no place  even to stand in the bus.

Suddenly she noticed a pair of eyes continously staring at her. She became conscious and tried to ignore but she was unable to get away from those two eyes.

After a stop as some passengers moved out of the bus , her heart starts beating faster than the normal as those eyes were coming closer.

Usually she used to come back by evening but today she was travelling in a bus  so late. She again  wiped her face while looking at long beard ,  two round big eyes and a stern face.

“Mam, You can sit here”

He got up from his seat but I was bit reluctant . Why should I ? ?

Though I was really tired after long hours of  working in the college and then making the arrangements for the upcoming event so I really wanted to but…..I was really aware about those beast who are always looking for their prey. So I pretended as if I didn’t hear.

“Mam,you can sit here.”

I felt as by now he  understood my nervousness. His stern face smiled and bit.”I think you didn’t recognise me.How can you? The boy has now grown into a man. I am Joseph . The one who used to play guitar in the college band.”

Suddenly I recalled his face and  was able to make out.

“Oh !You, I was really….anyway thank you”and I sat on the seat next to him. In the meanwhile the bus stopped and he got up to move out . “Thank you , Mam. I  really had a wonderful time in your classes.”

But I was still wondering  when did I conquer the heart  of this innocent boy that he still remembers me   after so many years I was not knowing.

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Seven Ages of Parenting…..

Recently I read  a  poem “Seven Ages of Man” by William Shakespeare. It is  an excerpt from his play ‘As You Like It‘.In this poem he has beautifully explained the role of Man  on  the stage of life.He has explained the seven different roles which  are performed by a man during his life.

wp-14873092139191.jpgIn a same way I feel that Parenting too undergo  changes with time.

  • Feeling of parenthood starts well  before the child comes to this world. Getting ready to welcome the new member of the family.
  • Stage two starts as soon as the hands feel the touch of human life. Sleepless  tiring nights, Frequent nappy  change, long feeding hours, beautiful prams ….
  • There comes the stage -to be like a child. Playing games Carrom,ludo, snakes and ladders ,watching cartoon movies, Getting wet in the rain….
  • Now the most crucial role to be played….as friend, being parents of a teenager. The one who plays this well is the most successful parent. Here is a chance to manage the so-called Generation – gap by being friendly to your teenager and understanding the need of his age.
  • After completing that long  difficult phase comes -to be supporter.You have to give your support to your grown-up in taking important decision of his life. Suggestions can be given when asked but be ready if not accepted.
  • In this stage you have to  just observe (being observer) whatever happens in your child’s  life (rather a grown-up ) which is now ready to go through the same cycle as you have gone through.
  • And , at the last …just a feeling of being parents as you had in the beginning but the only difference now is ,they are away. …….Enjoying  their parenthood…..but few lucky ones get the second innings too…to be grandparents!!!

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Where lies happiness ????

Sometimes  when I feel sad, low , depressed and stressful, this question strikes my mind and I become restless to find the answer.
I run here and there  and struggle with my inner soul to reply me. I hear no voice…What I observe is  a period of silence.
Again, I give a try to speak to it but it pretends to be deaf and dumb.

Irritated with such a proud attitude, I  decided to be away and  moved out of my room.

With frowing face and stamping my feet in anger , I sat on my chair near my door. The world seemed still to me.

Sitting in bright sunshine , I felt as if all my queries are melting like an ice and flowing into an endless river of thoughts…

Colourful birds chirping on the trees ….
Squirrels running up and down….
Chilldren playing and swinging…..
A little boy riding on a bicycle..
Vast blue sky, the soil,the air….
Beautiful flowers in my garden
As if they are  telling me…


AND FEEL IT…..!!!!!