Countdown train of thoughts to #Year2020 Post-6

Keep on hitting the wall you want to break. You may not notice any change outside. Remember each time you will hit , it will make weak from inside. Untired efforts of yours will shatter it deep within. You may not know that which hit of yours is last which will Suddenly break the wall …

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Countown Train of thoughts to #Year2020 Post -5

This is the first glimpse of Christmas 2019 Leave your our worries, your anxieties to Him. According to Matthew 6:25-27 “Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food, …

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Memories never fade

Memories never fade😍😍 Everytime it makes us to relieve that moment to give the same nostalgia !!! It can be an old photograph, a shirt , a place or an incident that takes us back to the memory lane !!! When did you get back to those old days and made the music with those …

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Keep the humanity alive !

The whole world is in pain as people are fighting over religion. No religion is superior or inferior. No religion says to kill humans. Then what for these fights , arguments are for ??? Why can't we do what actually every religion preach ?? WORK FOR HUMANITY...!!! OUR FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS...!!! Let's keep the humanity …

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The flowers of kindness

Show some love ; Show some kindness and see how God beautifies the garden of your life. Says Journey of life…..💕💕💕 I AM TAKING MY BLOG TO THE NEXT LEVEL WITH BLOGCHATTER’S #MYFRIENDALEXA. THIS IS MY #POST 8 FOR THE CAMPAIGN

In the game of life

If you want to survive in the game of life , you have to fit into it. No matter what the situation is , stay focussed and never lose your patience. The one who modify himself according to the situation survives , after all survival of the fittest stays true on the stage of life …

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Go with the flow

When things are not under your control , better to go with the flow to stay at peace. The same situation can't exist for long !!! Says Journey of life.....💕💕 I AM TAKING MY BLOG TO THE NEXT LEVEL WITH BLOGCHATTER’S #MYFRIENDALEXA. THIS IS MY #POST 6 FOR THE CAMPAIGN

Be at your peace of mind

Throw out the anger , grudges , jealousy or a bad incident from your mind to think fresh and be at your peace. There is lot of good waiting for you ! Aurora M I am taking my blog to next level with #MyFriendAlexa a campaign by BLOGCHATTER

Try new things !!!

There is so much to try and experience in our life. Don't afraid to try new things in your life. Try new games , new cuisines, new adventures or new roads . Experience different cultures and their traditions. This world is full of new experiences. Ms Arora 💕💕

Unsaid words in life

There are words which we don't speak but yet we want them to be understood by others. If this happens at any moment of  the life , believe me , it can change your life. It make both the sides feel happy as their souls can communicate with each other . Ms Arora 💕💕